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Accessory Experts supplies and installs Firestone air bag suspension kits as well as compressor level command kits. We also supply and install SuperSpring suspension products. Please call us for pricing and availability at 403-264-4808 or 403-0991-6964.

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Suspension Firestone Air Helper Springs

Ride-Rite™ air helper springs mount between the frame and the suspension of light-trucks, vans, and motorhomes. The heavy-duty convoluted air springs will handle all leveling needs with load carrying capacities between 3,200-5,000 lbs per set*.
Ride-Rite™ air helper springs will:


Standard Air Command Kits

Upgrading your air suspension system with an air compressor and in-cab gauges allows you to control your springs from within your vehicle. Air Command kits come with all the components needed to upgrade your suspension system. Air system components vary from kit to kit.

Standard Air Command Kit

Air Command Kits include:


Types of Kits

Digital Air Command Kit

Digital Air Command Systems

Digital air command systems have a digital control panel that is installed in the cab of the vehicle, allowing you to constantly monitor and adjust your air spring pressure. Digital control panels also detect and alert you when your air spring pressure is too high.


Wireless Air Command Systems
Wireless Air Command Kit

Wireless air command systems allow you to inflate and deflate your air springs with a remote control from inside your vehicle or up to 50 feet from the vehicle.


Automatic Air Command Kits

An automatic-inflation air kit allows you to set a preferred vehicle-ride height. When a load is added to or removed to the vehicle, the air-spring system will automatically inflate or deflate the air springs to the pre-set, user-determined height.


SuperSprings Suspension

SuperSprings are progressive in nature in that they work on an as-needed basis. The installed springs are under nominal tension even when the vehicle is unloaded. This is for two reasons:

• So that there is no rattle or noise from the installed SuperSprings
• So that the patented rollers will activate automatically

As a vehicle with rear leaf springs comes under load the factory springs react as they are designed too. The center of the springs move vertically causing the overall leaves to flex and “flatten” out. This movement in the factory spring activates the SuperSpring through the rollers at the end of each leaf. Because the SuperSpring rollers aSupersprings Shacklere under tension, a movement in the factory spring causes them to move, seeking their new point of least resistance. This simple roller principal allows the SuperSprings to activate and deactivate automatically, free of any manual adjustment.

The SuperSprings are length specific to fit varying sized leaf springs. In addition the different lengths typically are manufactured in light, medium and heavy duty strengths. The sole adjustment on the SuperSprings is found in the roller shackles at the end of each leaf. The typical shackle has two bolt holes, as shown in the diagram below though some single hole and three holed shackles are used. The most common installation involves positioning all four rollers in the lower (furthest from the eye of the SuperSpring / closest to the ground) bolt holes. This ensures the least amount of preload tension on the SuperSprings and keeps the vehicle closest to its original factory ride conditions. Upper bolt holes may be used if additional “lift” is desired in the vehicle; if clearance from obstructions is required or if the installation is on an older vehicle with some fatigue in the springs.

For additional installation information please view your vehicles specific install instructions at this site under “installation instructions” or contact the SuperSprings tech support line. This toll free line (866-898-0720) is manned seven days a week, between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm (PST) for your assistance.

SuperSprings enhance load carrying capacity, handling and towing. Do not load any vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating.